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21 healthy tips

A good health is no big deal. Small changes in your daily lifestyle can make huge improvements in your health.

Don’t do a massive change, because it seems daunting. Just create simple routines that you can automatically follow.

Below you’ll find simple health tips that anyone can do. Adopt some of them and you will love your life more in just a couple of weeks.

Here Are 21 Simple Health Tips:

1-Walk for 30 minutes daily.
2-Eat a piece of fruit daily.
3-Never skip breakfast.
4-Eat calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese and green leafy vegetables.
5-Eat one or two fish meals per week.
6-Start each lunch/dinner with salad.
7-Eat whole foods instead of processed foods whenever possible.
8-Reject foods and drinks made of artificial colors or sweetener.
9-Eat slowly.
10-Don’t over-eat!
11-Eat a handful of nuts 30 minutes before a meal.
12-Eat a handful of walnuts before bed.
13-Don’t eat 3 hours before going to bed.
14-Drink plenty of water
15-Avoid cold drinks with meals.
16-Drink green tea twice a day.
17-Get 10-15 minutes of sunlight and fresh air daily.
19-Run in place.
20-Learn to cook and gain control of what goes into your meals … and save money!
21-Herbs, herbs, herbs.

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